• Brad Tarver

    Brad Tarver has hosted 67 episodes.

    Brad Tarver is a network security engineer living in Jackson, MS. He hoards music and guitars, comics, horror films, books, tools and toys. He studies new tech trends with his favorite Pomeranian at his feet and is an amateur chef and DIYer.

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  • Brian Baggett

    Brian Baggett has hosted 67 episodes.

    Brian Baggett is a cloud management architect living in Atlanta. When not talking into the mic, he helps people design cloud infrastructure. He enjoys cheesy movies and television, tinkering with technology, mass consumption of comics, and video gaming.

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  • Jim Graham

    Jim Graham has hosted 66 episodes.

    Jim Graham is a data architect living in Dallas, TX with his two old spoiled dachshunds, Eli & Walter. He enjoys listening to all kinds of music, concerts, traveling, New Orleans Saints & Ole Miss Rebel football, playing Pokémon & Traveler's Quest, and anything made by Apple.

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  • Jason Young

    Jason Young has hosted 14 episodes.

    Jason Young is a solutions architect living in Atlanta. He cut his teeth on Apple technology in the early 80's learning how to program in Logo on an Apple II starting in the 3rd grade. When not geeking out with the fellows he enjoys fast cars, competitive shooting, UGA football, his sporting dogs (German Shorthaired Pointer and Labrador Retriever), and putting his advanced degrees in BBQ to good work on the smoker.

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